Broadforward Use Cases

BroadForward Use Cases

Meet BroadForward

Next Generation Diameter Routing and Signaling Controller (DSC); hardware agnostic IPX - LTE - Diameter - RADIUS - SS7 and IT interworking.

Current landscape DSC

The massive scale of wireless subscribers and the steady growth in wireless data and smartphones are driving tremendous growth in signaling traffic. At the same time, Long Term Evolution (LTE) -based wireless networks require many different core EPC, billing, and IMS nodes. The extraordinary growth in smartphone-based signaling traffic plus the growing number of network nodes that require signaling are creating an urgent need for a new signaling infrastructure. Any failures of the signaling system can spell disaster for the network operator in the form of network outages, poor performance and system latency. Such problems often cause subscriber churn, lost revenue, and higher support and service costs. Diameter Signaling Controllers (DSC's) have arisen as a new product category that manages the increase in Diameter signaling while providing scalability and security.

Next Generation Diameter Signaling Interworking Function

Image: Next Generation Diameter Signaling Controller Interworking Function

Infradata delivers these Next generation and mission critical solutions. BroadForward’s BFX Interface Gateway is one of the solutions that provides great any-to-any interworking, signaling and routing. BFX is vendor agnostic and is a viable solution for virtualisation and cloud deployment.

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