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The demand for bandwidth from both consumers and companies is very strong and growing. The internet changes in a world of bandwidth hungry always-on applications. The thriving power behind these changes are the bandwidth intensive applications like video on demand, instant messaging, tape tickers, web applications and hosted voice- and business applications.

The future of telecom services sets new demands for the networks and its applications. The growth of DSL and Cable, streaming media, video on demand, enterprise Ethernet, VoIP and other services has a tremendous impact on the network and service providers. At the same time the traditional telephone networks are at the eve of a fast and radical change. The separate voice and data networks of today will evolve to converged voice/data networks. Circuit switched (voice) networks will make place for packet switched (IP) networks. Services become more complex and the Triple Play strategy (television, telephone and internet) becomes more and more reality. Next to that the convergence of the fixed and mobile applications has started and will result in an exploding need for bandwidth in the mobile market.

Infradata is convinced that IP will eventually be the only protocol to carry voice, video and data applications in both fixed and mobile telecommunication networks. Infradata is focussed to play an important role in realizing these Next Generation Networks.