Network operators

The hart of the IP network and the connection to the internet should be as stable as a telecom network which offers the 5 nines. Infradata offers the fastest and most stable router platform available on the market today. Therefore the uptime and quality for your customers is guarantied.

The Customer Premises Equipment to connect new customers on net is a critical component in every business case. Infradata offers the solutions with the best price/performance. Whether it is a ‘simple’ DSL or cable modem, a First Mile Ethernet switch or a MPLS based high speed edge router, Infradata has a solution. Also integrated CPE solutions with VoIP, VoDSL, Wifi and/or Firewall are available.

The increasing liberalization of the market, forces network owners like cable companies and network operators to open their network to other service providers. Newly build fibre (FTTx) networks will also be set up in this manor. The end user (whether consumer or company) must be able to choose and change between several competing service provider over the same physical infrastructure. The solution used to realise this is called a Service Selection Gateway. These gateways connect customers with the service and quality of service they have a subscription to. Due to the fact that all traffic goes through the gateway, it is an ideal point in the network to manage the traffic and bill this usage accordingly.