Super Socket 7 (SS7) Security for Network Operators

Super Socket 7 (SS7) Security for Network Operators

What is the challenge?

Protect Super Socket 7 (SS7) network of operators, this to avoid hacker get overview of operator network. Protect mobile customers against:

  • Malicious tracking mobile movements.
  • Prevent hackers to re-route and intercept mobile calls and sms.
  • Prevent hackers to disable voice-, sms- and data services.

What is the solution of Infradata?

Broadforward’s BFX:

  • Extensive filtering capabilities: enabling providers to quickly filter PSI messages based on Global Title and IMSI prefix.
  • GUI based MAP firewall through service orchestration environment, no vendor dependency and no need for R&D or scripting to set up new filtering.
  • On-board SS7 security: fully productised on-board function enabling SS7 security scenarios.
  • Low CAPEX & OPEX: single integrated platform for DRA, DEA, IWF and SS7 security running on off-the-shelf servers or virtualized / hosted.

Next Generation SS7 Firewall










Image: Next Generation SS7 Firewall

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