Managed Services

Most basic form of a managed services is a maintenance contract. Infradata offers software support-, service- and maintenance contracts. We cover 24x7 with a call to fix and response of 4 hours. Including a certified systems engineer and spare parts on location. Remote technical support and 24x7 technical support via telephone/fax/email. Software updates and upgrades and access to the Support Web sites are part of the maintenance contracts.

A network management contract gives Infradata the complete responsibility for the configuration of thee network equipment. We monitor pro active and do the moves, adds and changes according to the outlined procedures. We keep the software of your network equipment at the latest version and implement the updates and upgrades. The Service Level Agreement states our committed agreements.

Dedicated managed network service offers the service provider a network service on a dedicated network infrastructure. The Service Level Agreement is described as a service and the network infrastructure can be considered as a black box. Infradata commits herself to uptimes from 98% to 99,999%.

Infradata also offers the (shared) virtual network concept for service providers who don’t need dedicated network. Infradata offers them the newest technology without the need of investing in knowledge, training or capital.

All the managed services are offered for the solutions Infradata offers.