Companies and organizations who run their own datacenter or datacenter providers, for whom delivering datacenter services is its core business, both require a fast, secure and stable network. Demands are getting higher and higher for the network within the datacenter and the network linking several datacenters together. Uptime and availability of applications needs to be guaranteed for 100%. What began with a computer under a desk or a few servers in a closet soon became a rack in the basement and has eventually evolved into an (outsourced) datacenter.

In designing (datacenter)networks, Infradata will carefully consider all current requirements but perhaps more important, all future requirements as well. We offer fast switching infrastructures and by using next generation firewalling and the latest intrusion detection, optimal security is guaranteed. The way end-users experience application performance is kept at the highest level by using MPLS QoS and technologies such as caching and application acceleration. Networks designed by Infradata can of course also be used for cloud infrastructures.

For organizations with multiple datacenters we can offer DWDM solutions for replicating storage networks. Technologies such as ESCON, Fibre Channel and Gigabit Ethernet can all be multiplexed over a single fiber pair or SDH network.