About Infradata

Infradata is a leading independent network integrator with its focus on designing, delivering, implementing, maintaining and managing Next Generation Networks for telecom operators, service providers and mission critical networks.

Our Mission

“By designing, implementing, operating, maintaining and managing complex technical environments, Infradata enables customers to drive innovation and value by delivering agility and flexibility into their organisation”.

Company Profile

Infradata is a leading Network Integrator dedicated to supply, implement and maintain Next Generation Networks for service providers and network operators. The Next Generation Network is an IP only infrastructure for voice, video en data in which the distinction in end user experience between fixed and wireless networks is minimized. The power behind the use of these developments are cost savings, higher profitability and simplicity for as well service providers and network operators as well as their customers.

Infradata is a vendor independent provider of complete Next Generation Network solutions and services. Infradata designs, builds and maintains network infrastructures. We can deliver complete and turn-key projects. As independent Network Integrator Infradata stands for the 'best of breed' concept. We have partnerships with the technology leaders in the communications market. Service providers and network operators can outsource their complete technical service.

Next to that Infradata offers the (shared) virtual network concept for service providers who don’t want to maintain their own network. Infradata offers them the newest technology without the need for intensive training of the staff and/or capital investment.

Our Vision

The demand for bandwidth from both consumers and companies is very strong and growing. The internet changes in a world of bandwidth hungry always-on applications. The thriving power behind these changes are the bandwidth intensive applications like video on demand, instant messaging, tape tickers, web applications and hosted voice- and business applications.

The future of telecom services sets new demands for the networks and its applications. The growth of DSL and Cable, streaming media, video on demand, enterprise Ethernet, VoIP and other services has a tremendous impact on the network and service providers. At the same time the traditional telephone networks are at the eve of a fast and radical change. The separate voice and data networks of today will evolve to converged voice/data networks. Circuit switched (voice) networks will make place for packet switched (IP) networks. Services become more complex and the Triple Play strategy (television, telephone and internet) becomes more and more reality. Next to that the convergence of the fixed and mobile applications has started and will result in an exploding need for bandwidth in the mobile market.

Infradata is convinced that IP will eventually be the only protocol to carry voice, video and data applications in both fixed and mobile telecommunication networks. Infradata is focussed to play an important role in realizing these Next Generation Networks.


As a Network Integrator Infradata delivers a substantial contribution to the realisation of a carrier grade Next Generation Network infrastructure in The Netherlands. Since the technology of these infrastructures is of crucial importance, the innovative character of Infradata and its staff will prove its value over and over again.

We are focussed on offering the best service to our customers. Infradata is flexible, innovative and extremely customer focussed. Service is our second nature. The knowledge of our staff of the highest level, the experience of the service provider and network operator market unprecedented.

Infradata realizes that networks to service providers are as production machines to factories. Infradata knows the business models of her customers and is therefore able to think along with the service providers and network operators to increase their revenue and profit from their current investments. Infradata is focussed to address these needs.